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You might have seen Bev on chanel 9's"A Current Affair", discussing Revital Vision. This is a computer based program that works on visual pathways in the brain to improve your vision. There is a possibility that you might not require glasses following this therapy, or if you are unbale to get 20/20 vision with glasses, you may be able 

to improve the quality of your vision dramatically. To see more on this program, please visit the following link:

Revital Vision

Proven Results: 


- Improve Vision Two Lines on an Eye Chart (on average)

- 100% increase in Contrast Sensitivity


The vision improvement program is:


- Completed at home on a computer

- 3 times per week

- Each of the 30 sessions takes an average of 30 minutes

- Managed by an eye clinic and professionally monitored by an eye doctor / optometrist

- Customized to your pace and visual ability

- The visual improvement is long lasting

Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing brain processing. Through repetitive practice of precise visual tasks, the brain is trained to be more efficient and to improve visual processing. Specialized NeuroVision™ algorithms analyze performance and continuously adjust the training sessions to substantially improve vision.

If you are interested in Revital Vision and want to find put more, please request a consultation with Bev at your earliest convience. 

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